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ZeroMail: ralphst

day zero........................................

hello. could use a couple of peers for testing. thanks.

thanks to peer(s) for picking me up for a bit!

now have to figure out right way to update my dot-bit domain name to point to my public key on 0

resigning...getting back on 0

i had a little problem at first putting a message up to ZeroBoard until I realized that sending was not really like an http post (I don't think, anyway). It's more like a message back to the publishers because a signature is necessary. That makes sense. So, having some of the JS disabled could cause problems and it did.

update: the paragraph above is nonsense...

while i am figuring out the correct namecoin send i suppose i should do something...

here's a picture of my double yellow head parrot

he's a nice one, but this particular variety of parrot is a little temperamental in general :)

re-signing and starting up local server...

bound the dot-bit domain ralphst.bit to this site

note: if you want a .bit tld but don't want to run a namecoin client or buy the currency you can try or I've used both with no problem. It's helpful to have some bitcoin. They also take some other altcoins and may even take PayPal.

zeronet is cool. i think it has an important role to play in the future, maybe not immediately but not too long either considering the way things are going with censorship. i'm sending the zeronet team a bitcoin donation now

thanks to peers who were kind enough to seed so i could make sure i had at least the basic idea

enough for now. friday afternoon PDT; time for some beer. next time i think i will start reading available documentation to get a little better idea how things work. At the moment I'm curious to see how site updates and synchronization are handled because I'm puzzled by that at the moment...

will probably be reading for a few days. whoever is developing this is doing a nice job.


did some more reading at github. zeronet is a lot like BitTorrent's Sync, with namecoin support thrown in. updates are done using file differences so as to keep the bandwidth usage down, something that you see in source control systems (github,for example). this last idea has been around a long while (early 80s, maybe longer)

popular websites would do well with straight zeronet while little ones maybe not so much, like a popular torrent vs. one that isn't.

a combination of traditional web servers and zeronet type functionality (bittorrent, dht, namecoin...) is probably what we can expect in the future. i think a fusion will be very powerful. zeronet and similar developments aren't hype at all, they're on the way to becoming essential.

it will be a few years before wide use, probably when there is no other reasonable choice for many people. people aren't going to abandon an old way of doing things until it completely stops working for them and maybe a little while after that. People.

even now, i am finding the recently added section of Play very useful. it allows me to quickly find *good* movies (new and old) as opposed to popular ones. and, i don't have to worry about the site being taken down. it will be there when i need it because a lot of other people like having it as well. that's already worth a lot to me.


i haven't got much more to say at the moment. i view all of this very positively and will probably make another donation to zeronet dev after a while. Maybe i'll post some more pictures, keeping the image size on the small side.

i will continue sharing the zites (the word finally sunk in)that i use and point out or briefly review zites i find that i think are interesting.

later, same day.....................................

i've been looking around for a while using available search tools. the most interesting thing i'm seeing at the moment is Play, which is nice and i'll continue using it for sure. it makes very good film suggestions that i wouldn't think of by myself. That's valuable to someone who likes good films past and present.

in general, zeronet is a very cool idea that may be a little bit ahead of its time, basically because there is no need for it right now.

as soon as it becomes difficult for people to find good magnet link repositories, for example, then zeronet is going to be wildly popular

there's no reason that good apps can't be built right now but without a good number of peers nothing much is going to happen. need will dictate success.

in the meantime, zeronet is still fun to think about although a little frustrating as well because not enough people are using it.

when interesting news appears, i'll report it, provided my site has some peers :)

ZeroMail me at ralphst if you see something interesting.


I should point out that even though the time may not quite be here for purely distributed websites, as glumly discussed immediately above, some of the techniques developed in zeronet could be combined with traditional web service to solve some real problems now regarding censorship.

For example: the problems caused by domain name blocking by ISPs could be solved immediately using dot-bit domain names.

Also, some slight decentralization could probably be used to do away with blocking at the IP address level. I'm thinking of a distributed proxy.

this is not as exciting as a large scale zite, but it would certainly be useful in the immediate present's the idea


How to stop ip blocking by an ISP to a traditional website as a simple application of some ideas from zeronet

for concreteness, let's think of the traditional website as a magnet link site. I'll call it The Magnet Site, or TMS for short

it should have an interface that makes it appear as a zeronet peer, in this case a seed.

now, the behavior of zeronet should be modified a bit just in this case.

the seed is not interested in seeding and the peer are not interested in sharing.

all the peers know about the seed

when the peer wants a page from TMS it just asks the seed for it. just like plain old 20th century web serving

if the peer is blocked by its ISP, then the blocked peer asks another peer for the file

that's it. no more ip blocking


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