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Mesh network devices

List of devices that publicly relay data also for strangers. Devices to extend the reach of your private Wifi at home are of no interest. It is about easy to use devices that can be used to build scalable mesh network over larger areas.

Device name Radio Price Usable from Data Range Remarks
Mesh Potato Wifi $39 Any device Internet sharing 100m Has been in use for a while in African townships. Manual configuration.
Sonnet LoRa $89 Any device + Apps for Android & iOS Internet sharing 15km Estimated release in Summer of 2018
goTenna UHF $199 Apps for Android and iOS messages, locations 6.4km Limited usability with only proprietary apps. Privacy implications from setup procedure.
BearTooth 900MHz $249 Apps for Android and iOS messages, location, voice 16km Limited usability with only proprietary apps
goHeart ? $179 ? messages, location, voice ? Serious accusations in the kickstarter comments
snapOnAir LoRa $20 standalone messages ? kit for soldering
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