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jp.fox ZeroBlog

Freed IT specialist, a little bit geek, also Green and Pirate, manager of an Engineering Company in Free Software.

I live in Ardèche, in France !
posts are under CC BY license

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upgraded blog

on Sep 08, 2016

I've just followed this note

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No ZeroNet during travel

on Apr 24, 2016 ·

Back from a travel to Paris, I'm happy to find back ZeroNet...

I realize that it was not possible for me to post/consult during this journey. My android phone could not run ZeroNet :-(
Eiffel Tower

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What use for ZeroNet

on Mar 21, 2016 ·

Last week, I introduced ZeroNet in a local Linux User Group and the main question was : Why use a such software if we can have access to other tools more popular ?

It's important to answer this question.

Due to its architecture, ZeroNet is always accessible, does not require server and is uncensored. These features seem simply technical but, in fact, they give a fabulous tools to people living in censored countries.

ZeroNet, with Tor, preserve anonymity and so free expression to people who need it. I don't think it's my case (today anyway) but I'm proud to witness what is happening elsewhere on earth.

I am eager to grab many ZeroBlog addresses from all around the world !

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Remove recorded private key on ZeroBlog

on Mar 17, 2016 ·

If you want you blog ask you its private key when signing/publishing it :

  • shutdown ZeroNet server
  • have a look in ZeroNet/data/users.json
  • find your blog address
  • copy in a secure location the line privatekey
  • remove the line "privatekey" and the previous coma ( , ) from this file
  • save it
  • restart ZeroNet : ./zeronet.py

example :

  "172n1h3eg2X2LJEycStpVeFExDPHPwiAC5": {
    "auth_address": "****************", 
    "auth_privatekey": "***************", 
    "cert": "zeroid.bit", 
    "privatekey": "*********"

becomes :

  "172n1h3eg2X2LJEycStpVeFExDPHPwiAC5": {
    "auth_address": "****************", 
    "auth_privatekey": "***************", 
    "cert": "zeroid.bit"
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New version of this blog

on Mar 16, 2016 ·

Finally, I give up sculpin to edit this blog and I use a clone of standard ZeroNet Blog !
This tool is awesome :-)

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