Nano Ethereum Multiplier



contract multiplier fee


This is a simple pyramid scheme, running on the Ethereum world computer.

When you send Ether to 0xe19e5f100d6a31169b5dca265c9285059c41d4f6, it will multiply the amount and send it back to your address when the pyramid balance is sufficient.

People are not allowed to send more than 1 ETH. (if they do so, the excess will be sent back to the sender)

Ethereum offers a trustless and decentralized world computer, on which this contract runs. Therefore, the only trust needed by the creator, is that the contract does what is stated. You may see this yourself, by checking the verified contract link, as the contract is open-source and may be inspected and tested by anyone else. Also, the contract has a consistent history of payouts now, which may be viewed on the ethereum blockchain explorers.

Don't send funds directly from exchanges. You must use a personal address that is either attached directly to your wallet or you have the private keys for. You can check if it is just a normal address by going to a blockchain explorer like EtherScan, typing in your address, and it should state that your address is a normal account.

If you send directly from an exchange, the contract will send back to whichever address sent the ether, hence the payout goes to the exchange rather than you, make sure you only send from your own accounts.

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