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Is this thing on.

It’s been a while since I’ve done any updating to the site so I thought that I would add a little extra life back into the workflow. Originally when I started using ZeroNet I was seeing that there were a lot of external connections to the outside world, especially with some of the sites that were replicating net sites. I am please to say that running and looking through all of the items that I was scanning today, I didn’t see a single connection that was traveling outside of zeronet.

Remeber Kids

When you are working with decentralized content or really any content at all make sure that you always, always, always make a back up copy of the private key. Because it will come back to haunt you in the end if you dont. Luckly I remembered to make a back up and keep it in a really safe place, hidden behind a password so secure that I can’t seem to think of what it is to save me.

Offline Zeronet

So I ran a bit of an experiment, I was running zeronet is an offline mode and I noticed that there are some sites that are severly broken in a full offline state. For me it’s a matter of taking the train, but it’s important to note the opperation of a network of communications in the attempt of a full government shutdown, such as the one that was seen in Turkey in 2016.

Zeronet Build Out With Hugo

After going through and working with zeronet for a while, I thought I would share the process for getting a site up and running without the standard, clone site. Hugo, similar to Jekyll, is a fairly good option for doing this kinds of site since they create static sites. I originally went out looking for solutions to create new sites I kept running into the “Get Started Quickly” process provided by the clone site button.

Hello Zeronet

Hello Zeronet! I’ve been interested in the development of a ZeroNet site for a while so this is my first attempt at getting something out into the decentralized web. I’ve been around for a bit, so here are some of the interesting and useful things that I have found floating around ZeroNet for others. Get All Hubs

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