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By Captain Obvious

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A coming civil war?

on Jul 01, 2018

There has been a great deal of talk of a new American Civil War. Some estimates place it as high as 95% in the coming 5 years.

Okay, let's assume there will be one next w eek. What does it mean?

Obviously, because people like air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter, infrastructure won't be damaged. What will happen are person to person conflicts, attacking the weak in groups, and probable weakening in the trucking industry. The latter is already suffering a shortage of drivers.

So the war starts and enclaves will start being created. Militias, primarily a "right wing" (read... conservative, constitutional loving folks) grouping will see massive increases in recruitment. This is primarily done to create safe spaces for like minded folks.

The left ( the one's who aren't sure which bathroom to use), will do the same recruiting and building up their numbers. Because of their disdain for semi-automatic weapons (though many will have obtained by theft), I foresee Molotov Cocktails and other property destroying techniques (window breaks, stealing copper pipes) as a means of striking out. I personally expect to see the "marginalized" to strike out the most.

The left will also use social media to brag about their exploits and massive amounts of disinformation will be used. The right will use social media to post videos discounting the left's claims, while rarely using SM for disinformation.

This will be a longer war than the First Civil War because it will be asymmetrical and civilian against civilian.

Whatever your side is, pick it now and be willing to face the consequences of your action.

Capt Obvious - out.

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