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시진핑 비판 中 학자, 생방송 중 강제 연행 _ KBS뉴스(News)

[시진핑 비판 中 학자, 생방송 중 강제 연행 _ KBS뉴스(News)-jUPXu1Vonv4 (youtube (Arresting a Chinese scholar on air telephone talking with VOA while critisizing Xi Jin Ping 2018-08-03.mp4](,%20%20%20%20%20_%20KBS(News)-jUPXu1Vonv4%20(youtube%20(Arresting%20a%20Chinese%20scholar%20on%20air%20telephone%20talking%20with%20VOA%20while%20critisizing%20Xi%20Jin%20Ping.mp4)

  • Plz save the below link to your PC and play it. 1.8MB.,%20%20%20%20%20_%20KBS(News)-jUPXu1Vonv4%20(youtube%20(Arresting%20a%20Chinese%20scholar%20on%20air%20telephone%20talking%20with%20VOA%20while%20critisizing%20Xi%20Jin%20Ping.mp4

PS: As you see the above hypertext format I tried only to fail so that I quoted it, ZeroMe has no way to escape '(' or ')' character. Any advice, plz..

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