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torrent dht search 洪流搜索引擎 Rats on The Boat

Rats on The Boat - BitTorrent search engine

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BitTorrent search program for desktop and web. Collect and navigate over base of torrents statistic, categories, and give easy access to it. Work over p2p network and support Windows, Linux, Mac OS platforms.

Works over p2p torrent network, doesn't require any trackers
Supports own p2p protocol for additional data transfer (like search between rats clients, descriptions/votes transfer, etc.)
Search over torrent collection
Torrent and files search
Search filters (size ranges, files, seeders etc...)
Collection filters (regex filters, adult filters)
Trackers peers scan supported
Integrated torrent client
Collect only statistic information and don't save any torrents internal data
Supports torrents rating (voting)
P2P Search protocol. Search in other Rats clients.
Web version (web interface) for servers
Top list (mostly common and popular torrents)
Feed list (Rats clients activity feed)
Translations: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese
Drag and drop torrents (expand local search database with specific torrents)
Descriptions association from trackers

Внимание самая стабильная версия по ка что это 1.0.0 а вот версия v1.1.0 глючьная
linux https://github.com/DEgITx/rats-search/releases/download/v1.0.0/rats-search-1.0.0-x86_64.AppImage

^3 ^4 erert45 posted on Jan 25, 2019
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