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Zeronet Web Of Trust Concept

on Oct 09, 2018 ·

Zeronet Web Of Trust


Under this system, we assume that all users are bots, all votes are by bots, unless we explicitly verify that "that user isn't bot" they will always assumed to be a bot, verified votes are "prioritized" to show beside total votes, and moderation actions are only performed if majority of trusted user agreed so...

Read More below for a in-depth explanation of my ideas and how this could be made possible

What was this set out to resolve:

  • This is made to resist vote manipulation and allow addition of votes for moderation actions(example: hiding a comment as spam)
  • This system will need no centralizations of any form
  • This does not invade privacy of one to verify one's humanity

What this WILL NOT resolve

  • this will NOT work for public consensus voting as everyone will have different trusted list thus an agreement between all parties will never be met
  • this is NOT a way to block/ignore users by trust score and was never intended to be used for blocking people with low scores unless it was an "emergency" when the network was under spam this should never ever be employed as this leaves new user isolated and ignored and felt left out

Earning Trust

One can earn trust of peers by doing useful things or just to interact and get acquainted once they think you have done enough to be trustable as a "human" they can assign you some score.
Now think of this what if you want to vote it twice for that person to see, you have to fake interacting or to appear to be trustful for each new identity and each new target

How would this work?

This would work by first collecting a list of users who up voted say a post for example,
and evaluating all of their trust scores, if their result is 0, they are ignored since you didn't trust them yourself or they have no one in your trust list that delegates their trust to them, there's a chance they might be bots
For the remaining users, they are tallied, and now your UI could show 20 upvotes[1000] with the first one begin trusted and the bracket of total votes

A more advanced system would be having your peers whom you trusted as moderators, everyone can vote for if a post should be hidden, and what reason should it be hidden under OR to vote that video as "clear"
Side note: the website itself is responsible of implementing the hiding mechanism, the WOT is responsible of providing "trustable users" for the site to judge which content should be hidden

In example above, everyone can flag a post to be hidden with optional description and a main category, or flag it as clear the site can gather user's trust values to act upon said content, say: hiding a post if there's for example > 5 votes to hide it, and 70% of the users who voted agrees on hiding it

Users should be able to also see who you trusted voted for what, and delist users who intentionally voted otherwise, users them self also gets a say which the peers that trusted them will take it into account

Why this could work

Sending 100 users interacting with one user will no doubt raises suspicion of why 100 random strangers want to befriends me, thus it will get challenging as the undercover users you want increases.

Even if someone has some time to kill they this definitely will make it tedious that it should hinder their progress and make it non cost-effective. And this principle and foundation how this idea could be resistant to Sybil attacks.

Abstract Ideas

Trust Score

Trust score is basically a score given to every user, by default it should be 0,

0 means humanity unsure, the system dont really know if the user is bots or human, better consider them as bots to be sure

0~1 means on a scale of how much you trust them to be a human, 0.5 means 50%, anything above 1 gives user more voting power(within moderation action voting) and will also delegate your trust to their trust list(integrating whoever they trusted into your list)

-0~-1 may be used as an explicit marker as this user is very likely to be bot

sidenote: might be better off separating it into 2 different scores, trust and bot likeness

Trust delegation

Trust delegation can happen when an individual has a trust above the trust delegation threshold OR explicitly enabled, it will attempt to seek out for said individual's trust lists

How much you trust the person's list is factored by how much trust score you given them, OR you can explicitly set another value to be used for trust delegation

In the abstract: a trusted b and b trusted c and c trusted d, therefore a also trusted d to some minor extend
IF all b and c are above trust delegation threshold, possible mathematics of how this will work will be discussed in the technicality

Trust List merging

Users can have more then one trust list, to facilitate it a way a merging it would to be employ a priority list of trust list(which user can adjust), and follow the first value you found on the highest list as using addition and subtraction might create unintended side effects, we can consider adding the total value between the trust list and dividing it with the trust list that has said user be a possible alternative approach

Trust List Searching

To be done (also see trust list link)

Abstract Components

Trust list

A trust list is just a file that stores how much points you given to someone, based on their auth address and it can also store other metadata like comment and known usernames+@provider and other future metadata

Inside the file there will be a global and a per site and a by merger zone's name trust list
the hierarchy order would be site->merger->global, site's trust list will be used, for each users unless that's not found, ,merger will be used or else it fallbacks onto global
sites can have a SET user's score, or perform a mathematical operation of +-*/ it's global score

A trust list itself has no owners by default, but it can be:

  • Not signed by anyone
  • Signed by someone/multiple entities
  • Encrypted by someone's keys
  • Private by not begin accessible online(example: stored in local drive)

When user allocates a trust score, it can be saved in one or multiple trust lists, a user can own one or more trust lists,
a user can have multiple trust list files on multiple locations, multiple trust list file is merged into a single list, merged based on priority of the location

Users can "link" others to their trust list via any form of communications, and add the "owner" of the file to be whoever shared it, it can also detect it if it's signed by someone else, it can also be added as a standalone trust list file with the trust score of how much you trust the file itself

This is a file that points to a trust list, should be on root of a site, or inside of a user's directory
This file can link to anywhere where the trust list of said user is stored

If this was on the site root, the link must start with the same address of the current site or it will be ignored unless user told it to do so, even if the link is valid no actions will be taken unless it's over the trust delegation threshold which then client will take it into account
This is useful for say me leaving a trust link file on my blog's root address that links to another more organized place for my actual list

If this was inside of a user directory, it will be crawled regardless of site, and applied if it's above the trust delegation threshold
This is useful for site admins to allow user to put their trust link file that points to their actual trust list on their personal site which only they have control over
This enhances security and make it unnecessary to put your trust list on every site but just a link to one place on your own site thus saves data space


Casting Trust score into binary

Trust score benefits more when not casted into binary of true or false, for example a person you trust more gets more say on if a post is "clean" or "spam" aka a biased moderation voting

But in certain situations it might needed to be casted into binary of trusted or not for example upvotes a post, it isnt used to vote if what should be done to that post but a purely cosmetic number of the people you trusted vs total votes

Trust score math

(math related technicality probably wont be done here)

Trust score delegation

(math related technicality probably wont be done here)

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Welcome all new users!!

on Sep 22, 2018

Somehow this dead blog have jumped up in peers, welcome then!

Dont expect much coming but I think I will write a piece about Web Of Trust here in regard to moderation without moderators and centralization

The recent discussions on Zerotalk brought that up again and

I feel like this time I shall post all the ideas in one place for easy understanding and referencing as most talks and my ideas are scattered all over ZeroTalk

Cue me spending another 4/5 hours just to write one piece lol

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Been Writing Some Random Post

on Jun 18, 2018 ·

There all on Unlimit Talk

A list of some of the things i wrote on it

Principles Of Content Filter - A post where I talk about some things i personally believed to be the principle of content filter shall one was to implimented

Why there should be bandwidth control - A post I argue in favor of why we should implement bandwidth control despite people might abuse it, good outweighs the bad and empowering users should always be our goal, if torrent managed to survive so i dont see why we cant

Concept For Blockchain Like Data Storage System - A post where i theorize how a blockchain like data storage system could be made, it can be useful for things that depend on the previous data, like a game of chess is used as example here

Why Write it??

I honestly have no clue other then feeling like I want to write these down for whatever reason even if i know no one will ever read/make it

Why Write It On Unlimit Talk, Not Zero Talk?

Because datacap size, Unlimit Talk have 2GB over 0.5MB of data on Zero Talk, Sure Zero Talk have more exposure and I can just keep on migrating my data but it's really an annoying task if you ask me that i rather not do that.

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[Tutorial] How To Configure ZeroNet To Work With Multiple Users

on May 09, 2018 ·

This is a follow up of, My Zeronet MultiUser Setup

First thing first, BACKUP YOUR users.json, i cant stress that enough, if anything gone wrong you might loose access to your account and there will be no way to get it back

Now that has been said, you want to enable MultiUser Plugin first, to do that: navigate to ./ZeroNet/core/plugins, we will be assuming ./ZeroNet/ to be the directory of ZeroNet, you will see disabled-Multiuser, rename that to Multiuser, if it's already done you can skip this step

You will need to go to whichever shortcut that you use normally or create one and add --multiuser_local to the start argument so that multiuser plugin will recognize us as localusers, now we just exit and restart zeronet(de and reselect start at boot if that's enabled) dunno how but it just works for me

Now you are almost there, you just need an medium to store the masterseeds, i personally used ZeroSwitchboard(Disclaimer: it's made by me because i dont like using text therefore i trust it and i dont recommend you do the same thing) you can use anything you prefer, like a text document

When you want to switch users, navigate to ZeroHello, you should see the new user button, click it then select logout, now just paste another masterseed and click login, you will now be logging in as another user!

Here's some public seeds to get you started

All you need to do is append the userentry to the users.json (removing the opening and closing bracket from the post and put it before the closing bracket in the users.json, dont forget to add a , to the braket before)(yeah it's hard to explain how to edit json to someone who dont know the rules of it)

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My Zeronet MultiUser Setup

on May 09, 2018 ·
1 comment

Today i will show off my ZeroNet setup consist of the ability to swap between multiple user aka masterseeds:

Yep that's all you need to be able to switch seeds, i will probably make a second follow up post on how to do that since it's not very hard to begin with soon

EDIT: Tutorial completed: [Tutorial] How To Configure ZeroNet To Work With Multiple Users

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[Theory] How one could create a distributed CNC server

on May 02, 2018

Inspired by this thread on ZeroTalk i decided to repost that concept here but in more detail and reworked.

Please note all of this is just a concept, i am too lazy to make this into something real, and most likely a lot will be overlooked

The Idea: We will mimic how zeronet works to prevent government takedown and censorship and also be able to securely hide the owner's identity within the swarms, we will also attempt to make this a two way protocol

The Concept: Some ideas of how it could be possible

Sending commands: All the owner has to do is to sign and publish a "site" to random peers, a few but not to many so that shall someone with malicious intent still can't find out who originally sent the command or is that node just propagating it through

Receiving commands: When a peer receives a "site update" it verify signature and timestamp(to prevent replaying) and stores it then will send it to more peers, randomly select within 2 to 7 peers both number is arbitrary made up but the goal is to make sure it's not too small or not too big, it will also rebroadcast if it received the same file as it's current file if the timestamp is quite new, peers can also just ask random peers for the latest file(shall it was just rebooted up for example or periodically in case of missed packets)

Sending responses: If the command dictate a response is needed, it will create a message and append the responses and broadcast it to peers in the same manner of how a command is broadcasted, the peers will not write to file but save in memory and propagate it like the command with a TTL

To receive responses: The owner will just need to be connected to the swarms and wait for the response sites to be propagated


  • not instant

  • probably too much effort when you can spin up a tor server and be as secure or even better then this

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No More Copy Pasting Tokens From Textfiles Introducing User switcher!

on Apr 16, 2018

Do you have more then one masterseed?

Do you hate having to copy pasting it from a text file?

You will love ZeroSwitchboard, it can save and retrieve your masterseed with convenience

try DO NOT to put real masterseed in unless you have audited the code and believed it to be safe


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Development resources!

on Apr 14, 2018
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So silent here

on Apr 10, 2018 ·


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Made Some Changes

on Apr 07, 2018

Added some subtle background and used my avatar

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Discovering ZeroNet

on Apr 07, 2018

Seems cool, maybe we will find a home to hide from all this censorship

Maybe i should try to learn and make one, tho the backend api seems complicated, maybe i should take a second look

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Hello World

on Apr 06, 2018

Just Testing

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