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[Forum] Welcome to Apps.Net!

**Apps.Net** is a software forum hosted here on the #ZeroNet. We want to help you find new software that you can install on your computer and generally have a fun time talking and sharing info about software that you have found. - ##Rules But before you begin entering our forum and beginning to post please look at the rules below: 1. If you are asking a question then please include the identifier `[Question]` in your thread's title. 2. If you are posting a program that you have created then please include the identifier `[My Program]` in your thread's title. 3. If you are posting a peice of software (like a link to their site, **not pirated software** ~ get a life) then use the identifier `[Software]` in you thread's title. 4. If you are posting a resource for learning to program then use the identifier `[Learning]` in your thread's title. You shoulnd't post it here but rather at [Programming.net](http://bit.no.com:43110/17YUF4geTD7gBDPeMtQtnV7uhhNcjrYi9u/?Topic:1_1JdoX9KdJeRVjN9zvK8N9C5jybEHzZe8n/Welcome+to+Programming+Net). 5. No posting of anything related to **drugs**, **pornography** and **anything else inmoral**. Only moral people with a life are allowed to post on this forum. 6. No hate speech, such as **offending peoples' religious beliefs** for example. 7. No off-topic posts. - ##Suggestions If you have any further suggestions then please leave them in the comments section below. Thanks everyone for reading this and following the community rules.
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