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klu9's ZeroBlog sandbox

A place to experiment technically with what I can do on a ZeroBlog, before I try it on my real blog.

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21 hours ago · 2 min read ·
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Inserting an Animated PNG into a ZeroBlog

on Mar 20, 2019

First, I'll use the WYSIWYG editor's "Insert image" button.

Monty.Python.Every.Sperm.Is.Sacred--Animated.PNG.jpg (500x286)

Again, the animated format is converted to a still JPG.

Now I'll try placing the animated PNG manually in the folder and then using the markdown edit mode to show it.

![Monty.Python.Every.Sperm.Is.Sacred--Animated.PNG.png (500x286)](data/img/Monty.Python.Every.Sperm.Is.Sacred--Animated.PNG.png)

Monty.Python.Every.Sperm.Is.Sacred--Animated.PNG.png (500x286)

Success!!! I now see an animated PNG, automatically displaying, playing and looping.

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