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klu9's ZeroBlog sandbox

A place to experiment technically with what I can do on a ZeroBlog, before I try it on my real blog.

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21 hours ago · 2 min read ·
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Manually inserting a GIF into a ZeroBlog post

on Mar 20, 2019 · 1 min read

Now I will try:

  1. Using the WYSIWYG editor to insert a GIF.
  2. Manually placing the GIF in the data\img folder

  3. Manually copying and adjusting the post's code to show the GIF.

Step 1

I use the WYSIWYG editor to "Insert image" and select the original GIF in my downloads folder.

Monty.Python.Every.Sperm.Is.Sacred--OriginalGIF.jpg (500x286)

Ok, now I see the still JPG. And now in the folder, I see a second JPG, titled:


I guess that means ZeroBlog will keep making duplicate JPGs in that folder every time I select that GIF, prefixing it with the post number.

Step 2

Using my file manager, I copy the GIF into the same folder where the JPGs are located.

Step 3

I changed into the Markdown editor mode (clicking the </> button at the top right of the editor) and find the code that displays the JPG.

​​​​​​​![Monty.Python.Every.Sperm.Is.Sacred--OriginalGIF.jpg (500x286)](data/img/post_3_Monty.Python.Every.Sperm.Is.Sacred--OriginalGIF.jpg)

Now I will copy and adjust that URL to show (hopefully!) the GIF, changing it to:

![Monty.Python.Every.Sperm.Is.Sacred--OriginalGIF.jpg (500x286)](data/img/Monty.Python.Every.Sperm.Is.Sacred--OriginalGIF.gif)

Monty.Python.Every.Sperm.Is.Sacred--OriginalGIF.jpg (500x286)

And then I come out of Markdown mode. At least for me in the blog editor, I now see an animated GIF! Automatically showing, playing and looping! Yay!!! :)

So an animated GIF can be done in a ZeroBlog, but it needs to be done manually. Once you know the right markdown code, you can skip Step 1, do Step 2 & the inserting markdown part of Step 3.

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