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klu9's ZeroBlog sandbox

A place to experiment technically with what I can do on a ZeroBlog, before I try it on my real blog.

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21 hours ago · 2 min read ·
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Testing alternatives to GIFs on a ZeroBlog

on Mar 20, 2019

First, here are links to the files stored on ZeroUp Unlimited:

Now let me try to post the original GIF here, using the WYSIWYG editor to insert it. I know it will convert it to a still JPG, but at least then I can confirm where the image will be stored.

Monty.Python.Every.Sperm.Is.Sacred--OriginalGIF.jpg (500x286)

After posting, I see:

  • a still JPG
  • I find the image is located in the blog's sub-sub data\imgfolder:


  • And the file name has been prefixed by the blog post number:

PS: Hmmm, the folder location I enclosed in code backticks, markdown-style. When it came to the file name, I remembered to use the WYSIWYG editor's "Code" button. But the results look different.

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