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klu9's ZeroBlog sandbox

A place to experiment technically with what I can do on a ZeroBlog, before I try it on my real blog.

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21 hours ago · 2 min read ·
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Another attempt at autoplaying/looping MP4

on Apr 11, 2019

ssdifnskdjfnsdjk commented on my original MP4 post that he got an MP4 working just like an animated GIF, so I'll try again.

I also followed his tutorial for making images & videos optional, so just being a peer for this zite won't involve automatically downloading every single image and video.

Here goes attempt #2.

The code that ssd used:
<video autoplay="" loop="" muted="" src="video/file-name1.mp4" type="video/mp4">This browser does not stream this video</video>

So I'll adjust that for my file name and location.
<video autoplay="" loop="" muted="" src="data/img/Monty.Python.Every.Sperm.Is.Sacred--MP4.mp4" type="video/mp4">This browser does not stream this video</video>

And now the video...

Well, for me, in both Firefox (Quantum) and Vivaldi, the video does not autoplay. In both I have to right click on the image and select "Play". I expected that in Vivaldi because I have an extension to prevent autoplaying videos. But I have no such extension in Firefox.

Now I wonder if ages ago, when I was being particularly annoyed by autoplaying videos, maybe I went into Firefox's about:config and set autoplay to "false".

Looking there I see this:


I'll try changing that and reloading.

Nope, that did not make a difference. The video is just a still image until I right-click and choose play.


user_name1 day ago
klu9on Apr 12, 2019

@ssdifnskdjfnsdjk: Interesting. And confusing :) And now another ZeroBlog derivative to consider!

In your experience, what are the benefits (& drawbacks, if any) of "ZB+"?

ssdifnskdjfnsdjkon Apr 11, 2019

your video is NOT autoplaying there which may mean the issue is in video. Differences between our videos: https://snag.gy/W0fNcn.jpg
UPDATE: i tried to paste your code to my blog:

<video autoplay="" loop="" muted="" src="/15mQd6kBRzriaVEjdELujex2YKFfWaA8JQ/data/img/Monty.Python.Every.Sperm.Is.Sacred--MP4.mp4" type="video/mp4">This browser does not stream this video</video>

and it was autoplaying and looping even after page reload! which means problem is in your zeroblog? I am using ZeroBlog Plus , though if that is the cause, i do not understand how zite coding could influence video auto-playback.

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