HA6AN and 109HA1495 - OP Norbert

About me

I'm a 20 years old tech enthusiast from Hungary,T�r�kb�lint(10kms away from Budapest).I got my callsing in the summer of 2015,and I got my first PMR radio when I was only 9 years old.Since then,I'm fully obsessed with the topic :D

My interests in ham radio

My main interests in ham radio topics include chasing DX on the HF bands in SSB and digital weak signal(mostly JT-65 and JT-9) modes,and using special propagation anomalies to make contacts.For example,I had a lot of success with TEP(transequatorial propagation) in JT-65 between 10 and 15meters.
Also,in last couple of months I enjoyed FM qsos on the 11m CB band.

QTH and the rig

As I mentioned,the main QTH is in T�r�kb�lint,Hungary.This is a small town not so far from the capital city,Budapest.
Right now I have a Yaesu FT-757GXII with a 32A switching power supply.For antenna I got a 30meters long longwire(or random wire,dependig on wavelenght,hi) in the garden,at about 7-8m above the ground.One end is attached to the house,where I'm feeding it with a twin-lead.The other one is attached to a pole on the street.In the other end of the twin-lead,I'm matching the antenna with a homemade tuner designed to be able to match very high impedance cases.With this setup,I'm able to be a reasonable station between 10-80meters.
For UHF and VHF I only have a wouxun KG-UDV1P,I'm not really active on those bands.

Future uprgade plans

In the future I'm planning to put out a full-size 160m skywire loop,as I really want to get on air there also.Besides that,it should be a very good antenna on 80-40meters,maybe down to 20m.Of course,some kind of beam is also on my list for 10-17meters,but this is a littlebit problematic due to the fact I don't have any towers yet.

If you want to meet me on the air :)

In the past times,I'm quite active on weak signal modes,I speak a littlebit less on phone modes.I don't have any specific bands,I stay where the propagation does ;) Anyway,mostly I'm active on 10-12-15-17-40-80meters.Unfortunately my tuner cannot handle 30m,and to many people's surpise,I don't really like 20m.It is way too crowded for me,I never had any success there.
So to cut the long story short,feel free to give me a call whenever you see/hear me :) Here's a link to my pskreporter page,you can see here if I'm online: HA6AN spots on PSKReporter
Also,if you are relatively near to my qth,and wanna have a friendly chat on the air,or try out an experiment,feel free to contact and add me on my facebook profile.I appriciate any new friendship: Norbert HA6AN on facebook

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