Food & Fettle

Steffi Lippel, MSN

Nutrition counseling, cooking classes, and personal chef service; for the love of food and feeling good.

About Food & Fettle and Steffi Lippel

Food & Fettle and Steffi Lippel provide a caring and attentive presence, as well as personalized attention to detail. A focus on healing, integration of diet and lifestyle, and encouragement of positive body image are an important part of our approach. Steffi holds a Masters of Science in Nutrition, and takes a holistic, science-based approach to food recommendations and therapeutic diets. Additionally, we are open to a variety of eating and diet ideologies. A priority is source fresh ingredients, with an appreciation for local and seasonally sourced foods and products, while making every effort to make healthy eating affordable and accessible. We are always seeking new food ideas, in order to keep your eating experience fresh and exciting. Finally, Food & Fettle offers nutritional counseling, personal chef service, as well as healthy cooking lessons, pantry sweeps, and guided shopping trips aimed at helping you become comfortable navigating the grocery shopping experience.

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Services Offered

Food & Fettle and Steffi Lippel offer nutrition counseling, personal chef service, and small group cooking classes. Eating healthy on a budget can also be a consideration. Please click on "Learn More" for more information and to see rates.

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