This is my very first zite. It lists many important zites with small descriptions. It will, in the future, allow you to filter out the different types of zites by category, and also request that a zite be added.

Future Ideas / Todo
  • Tabs to filter out zites by category
  • Request zites to be added
  • Use Velocity.js instead of jQuery for animations
  • Add kaffie.bit ID support
  • Fix links for ZeroNet web proxies
  • Request removal of sites and give reason for removal
  • HTML5 Form Validation
  • Use database for Zite List
  • Make "categories" Table and load from this table
  • Voting/Rating system?
  • Favorites/Pinning/Bookmarks
  • Search
  •     - Search by address (with or without
  •     - Search by keywords and tags
  •     - Search by title/name
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