Free music, for all.

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A new take on music streaming

I know that there's already lots of music streaming services out there, so we wanted to try something entirely new - a decentralised distribution platform for artists and fans alike. With NinjaBeats, anyone can get their music out there to the public, and anyone can listen to content on NinjaBeats for free - sometimes even without counting towards your data plan.

As we're a distribution intemediary platform, we don't have the restrictions that plauge current music streaming services, without compromising anyone's rights. We believe that it shouldn't matter where you are or what you're using - if you're a fan of an artist and they release a new song, why should the device you use stop you? Why should it matter what country you're in? Why do you have to pay extra for slightly better bitrate lossy audio? These never used to be problems with CDs, so why have all these restrictions been put in place for online content that you can't even download in some cases anyway?

Open and free

We are fully open and transparent in everything we do. We take all feedback and critique into consideration and frequently communicate with our community to know what we can do better and to prioritise new features and improvements.

As we use our own hand-crafted decentralised arcitecture powered by WebTorrent, there's virtually no hosting costs involved, meaning that we're able to provide a full service for free. We're not in this for a profit, but for a change.

Also, we want to increase recognition for new and upcoming talent while still providing good incentives to music labels and established artists and bands alike. Our profit model is unique by the fact that we have such small running costs, meaning that we are able to guarantee a significant amount of revenue in most scenarios. Contact us to discuss getting your music on NinjaBeats, licensing or any other query you may have... we would be delighted to hear from you!

Coming very soon

The NinjaBeats platform is aiming for a full public release between a week's and a month's time. Listing and search functionality will come in a future release hopefully with collaboration from Alex, author of Bwoi Search.

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