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Second Record

on Nov 14, 2017

We have ended up last record with unleash of the beast.

E226-Beast_of_Darkness-Manga.png (300x460)

This is a picture from Bersek Manga, what you see is called "Beast of darkness."

Now let's go back to the main topic of what happens when beast is unleashed. In most cases it is not pretty thing as the "animal" inside you is being unleashed. It usually harms persons relationships with those who he or she cares about.

The beast in usually unleashed at very crucial moment. There are many reasons why the beast got from inside to outside, most popular ones are:

1) Enormous emotional stress

2) Alcohol - this generally goes toe to toe with the number one spot.

3) Conflicts in relationships.

I have mentioned only 3 reasons why the beast in unleashed. I tend to believe that those 3 reasons are most common. Commonly it is combination of two or one reason causing another. I am not going to discuss details. Mainly due to complexity of person.

The persons personality is quite hard topic, even people that know person for years, they can't fully comprehend his or her personality. What would be the reason you may ask? In order to answer your question, please describe your best friend all of his or her positive and negative traits. Now as we talk about your best friend, you have quite good picture of this person. The task is quite easy for you to handle and your results would be quite high. Yet, if I would ask you to describe some stranger waiting for a bus it becomes almost impossible task to get the same score you did with a best friend. Sure, you could predict one or two traits of this stranger. If I would ask you why you described your best friend almost perfectly while you made so many mistakes describing stranger, you would most likely would answer that you don't know the person. It is a good answer and answer how we are describing people we know. That is by using our memories about the person. Reader presumably has many memories that includes his best friend, but only one memory of a stranger. That is how he saw him at the bus station.

Now, let us explore the unleashed beast. There are two scenarios one is not pretty another is ugly one. First one happens when the beast is unleashed in front of a persons you reader know and quite hell. It could be anyone from your family to your close friends. This can end up really bad, especially if alcohol or drugs are involved here. Shouting, smashing, using lot's of swear words. This is what I call burst of the hidden emotions. It is like you use electric tea-kettle in order to boil the water. It commonly ends up with a conflict or temporary "broken relationship." Nothing to bad as it would seem. However, if a person in question had enormous emotional stress and is effected by alcohol - emotional outburst could end up you in jail or mental hospital.

Second one happens in those cases when it is unleashed in front of strangers or people you hardly know. Oh yes, if you tried to made good impression about yourself, you just failed. First impression is really important and if the beast is unleashed it usually creates negative association with your personality. Others could perceive you as angry or hardly controlling emotions.

Before I end this record, I would like to mentions few things. Exploration about dark thoughts is still not finished there would be 3rd part. Also, I want to mention that keeping some aspects about ourselves hidden is not always a bad thing as the beast could be used in positive ways. About that and more, I will explore more in the upcoming records.

I will end up with this. "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you." Friedrich Nietzsche


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