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First Record

on Nov 13, 2017 · 2 min read

Human mind is one of most complicated things than we could encounter. It is so complicated that not even today we could really comprehend the complexity that it is our own mind. Still, this first record is not exactly about how human mind works, I just mentioned this because I am going to explore the dark thoughts of human mind. Perhaps this exploration would end with this record, perhaps it won't.

Let us talk about demons. Many of us heard about demons despite our religious believes, some of us believes they are real entities while others believe it is a fairy tail. What about me than? This is quite complicated, because I am not going to talk about supernatural entities that are causing harm to humans. I am here to talk about most dangerous type of demon that is real and how that demon is born.

When was the first time you have ever felt fear or heard horror story? That most likely happened in your earlier childhood. Ever since we where children, we where expected to act in certain way. Smile, be polite to other people, follow the law, help others in need, etc.. In order for those expectations to become truth we create persona little by little. Persona is how we preserve ourselves to other people. This creates a big hole that I would mention later. Let's explore one of the most dangerous lies that human could tell to others. You probably heard question "how do you feel?" and that most common answer is good or normal. I am not trying to say that this is a lie, but humans tend to say this, even if they are not feeling good or had few bad days in a row. Why this dangerous lie you may ask. It becomes dangerous when lie becomes truth to that person. Aka feeling bad or not well becomes normal. We usually create this lie mainly because we don't want others to carry our weights. Imagine a married man that has loving wife and perhaps few children. He is hard working man that tries to provide his family with everything they need for. However, he has a little secret. That secret is that he is having romance with another woman. He starts returning home later, as his wife asks him why he returned home later usually reply is work or that he drink few bears at local bar. Of course it is hard to determine what is actually going on that man's mind when he is telling a lie. However, as the lie becomes norm to him, he slips away and wife finds out that he is cheating on her with another women. So let's back to persona and about hole it creates. While it is good that others are thinking of us in good colors, we are not exactly what others see in us. It is actually the same lie that I told you about, but this time it is even more advanced one. It is easy to say I feel good when I actually don't. It is much harder to present ourselves in a good matter (it usually takes years). With a first steps of creation of persona, another entity is born inside you. This is the demon we are talking about, your own dark persona. The things you are trying to hide from others, your own weaknesses that you don't want others to see. Everyday you feed that demon without even knowing that a beast is growing inside you and you are feeding that beast. Than one day that beast unleashes himself like an animal. This is where I end my first record, second one would be about unleashed beast.

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