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Our Goal

Our Goal is to provide useful information, tutorials, and help to those who want to develop Zites in order to inspire more development on the ZeroNet. This site will not teach the basics of front-end web development. This site only focuses on ZeroNet-specific development, including the ZeroFrame API. To get started developing a Zite for the ZeroNet, follow this tutorial to start learning to build basic zites. You can then move on to other tutorials on the tutorials page.

Recent Tutorials

Users and Databases In ZeroNetkrixano
This tutorials provides a basic overview on the basics of how Databases and Users in ZeroNet are handled so that both users and developers can understand these as a fundamental part of all zites on the ZeroNet.

Creating A Static Zitekrixano
In this tutorial, we are going to be making a very simple static zite, go through the different options in the `content.json` file, and talk about the ZeroFrame class that is auto-generated when you create an empty zite, what it is used for, and why it is important.

Write A PluginLola
In ZeroNet, plugins can be created to extend the functionality of the client as well as provide api calls to sites. In this tutorial, you will learn how to write a simple plugin that provides an api which can be called directly from a site.

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