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China Real Estate Marketing and Sales

We help build great businesses.

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Who should consider our service?

on Jun 12, 2016

If you are real estate agent in US, Australia, England, Europe, and as long as you can communicate in English, and you are interested in selling your listings to Chinese clients in China, then we can help.

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Who we are and what we can do for you

on Jun 12, 2016

We have over twenty years experience in business development in China. We have extensive experience in e-commerce, retail, real estate, and new business development. We as a group have completed over $100 million real estate transactions in China. We have experience in real estate transaction in many global markets including US, Australia, and Europe. We can very competitively perform the following tasks:

  • help you promote your real estate listings in China through multiple channels including trade show and online social media channels;
  • help you manage the communications between you and local clients, including taking their phone calls, managing the clients' quesions and answers, arranging travel and open house tours;
  • help your local clients in the translation and understanding of all real estate transaction related documents, signing of contracts, mortgage applications, openning of banking accounts overseas, and online bankings;
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Contact and Fee

on May 31, 2015

We are flexible in our working relations. For example, we can work case by case and help you for one task. We can also represent you in China and be your local agent.

If you are interested, please drop us a note here, or send zeromail to:


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