Welcome to Mighty Fedora Games Zite!

This Webzite is designed to be a very basic backup of contact information from our webzite.
Contact us:
Twitter : https://twitter.com/mightyfedora
Email : mightyfedoragames@gmail.com
ZeroMail : @mightyfedorus

New Post, Jimmy @ QoF here,
We're looking for software to make our cards in , aswell as a printing company to print said cards.

Below Links, (Company Webzite, Admin Pl0x, only open in another tab for some users)
Company Website

Admin Pl0x

All Business Inquiries, (Sales & Samples)
Should be sent to our ZeroMail (@mightyfedorus),
on the normal internet, our Twitter (@mightyfedora).

An NA Mirror For Some Distro's, if your Windows 10/Mac whatever is failing you.

Below is my Bonzi AKA Harambe sanctuary, pay no mind. It's not a real ad, just a .gif, but it reminds us of a interesting time on the Internet

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