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Note: I am not condoning any illegal activities in any way, shape, or form. These are merely my opinions, beleifs, and conclusions I have found on this topic. If you do not agree with me, you are completely free to have a different opinion, as am I. However, I strongly encourage you to still read what I have wrote, as I may introduce different arguements that you have not thought of before.

If you are looking for pedophilic material or content, this is not the site for you. However, if want to educate yourself about the topic then you should continue reading.

This website is not complete. Things will be added with time. Some things may be even deleted or changed.

Hello, and welcome to my website. Here I will discuss the overall morality of pedophilia, reasons why it is not accepted, and how that reasoning came to be. I hope you enjoy the read, and maybe introduce to you different topics that were not already to your attention. As with everything else, take what I say with a grain of salt, take it into consideration and form your own opinion about it. I am NOT at all trying to tell you what I say is right or wrong. With all that in mind, let's get into our first topic, the most basic one at that; definitions.


You would not believe how many people I have debated with about pedophilia do not know, what in my opinion, common sense definitions. Such as rape, child, pedophile, etc. The list could go on and on. I will not list the defintions from The Webster's Dictionary or anything similiar. I will just try to make it the smallest and most simple as I can.

Child - A child is a human being that has not began puberty. Typically ages >12
This definiton changes drastically between different cultures, and typically the 'rules' only describe girls. In African tribes, and many other cultures that today many would call 'caveman' like, a girl becomes a women when she first has her period. In Western cultures many people consider anyone under the age of 16-18 a child. Originally this was describing what age should be comnsidered a minor, and has sense evolved to what is today.

Adolecent - A human being that has become pubescent and fully capable of producing offspring, but is not fully developed. Typically ages <12
Western cultures still view adolecents as children, others see them as adults. Most people, in all cultures, do not realize the differences in children to adolecants or adolecants to adults.

Adult - A fully grown human being. Typically considered to be ages <18
Many western governments recognize anyone above the age of 18 as an adult. Many associate adulthood with the complete developmemt of the brain. ~25. Others claim that, that age is when you completely stop growing. We truly do not completely and fully develop untill the age of ~35, so I completely disagree with the uneducated justification of what most consider adulthood.

Pedophile - Someone that is attracted to prepubescents. Typically attracted to ages 4-10.
Many think that a pedophile is anyone that is attracted to anyone less than the age of 18. I don't understand how they can accept this when a 17 year old is no different than an 18 year old. Regarless what they believe to be the defintion is blantantly wrong. They combine two differnt terms. Explained in the next definition

Hebophile - Someone that is attracted to humans in early to mid stages of puberty. Typically attracted to ages 10-15.
Many people do not even know there is such a thing as a hebophile. Many just combine its definition with that of pedophilia and just call it pedophilia.

Rape - Forcing someone into sexual acts.
Rape is undebatably wrong. However what is considered to be rape is a different arguement. In western societies it is illegal to participate in sexual acts with anyone under that governments age of consent, and considers it rape. I do not understand this, as if a 19 year old has sex with a 17 year old, that 19 year could face jail time, be listed as a sexual predator, and many other things. Bigger age gaps exist, but I will adress those later.

Molestation - Participating in sexual acts with someone that does not neccasarily want to partake in them.
Molestation is a more confusing word, as it can be used to describe different events. Such as sexualy touching someone that does not want to be touched in that manner, having sexual intercourse with someone that does not enjoy it, etc. The deffinition can really be stretched more so than rape.

Now that we understand the definitions of these words we can continue. Wether you agree with these or not, this is it. Many of you that disagree with this will look up these words and look at the LEGAL definition of them. legality only holds to the government that provides it. For example, the United States sees anyone under 18 as a child, and Spain sees anyone under 14. Great differences, but merely legality.


This section will primarily be about the history of pedophilia, how people adressed it, and so on.

Pedophilia was not adressed as much 200 years ago, or even 100 years ago like it is today. What I have found in my research shows that there was not really an opinion on it, other than higher social classes, and even then it was merely frowned upon. There has been documentation found that proves nations 200-300 years ago did develop age of censent laws. Most of them ranged from 10-12, about the age of a girls first period. So you could say that these early age of consent laws were based around when a woman could produce children, and influenced by Christian and Chatholic belief. More on that later. I will list most of the major nations, with their history regarding age of consent.

United Kingdom

England saw its first age of consent law all the way back in 1275 at the age of 12, this was the first ever documented. It was not revised until 1875, which raised the age to 13. Again in 1885 it was revised and the age was raised to 16. From then to current day the age has went back ranging from 16 and 17, with male homosexual age of constent going as high as 21 in 1976. The age for all sexual acts finally stopping at 16 in 2000.

United Sates

The States had a very diverse age of consent for a while. Untill 1880, when the age of consent in most states were 10-12, with Delaware being 7. By the 1920s most states had rose the age to 16-18, with the federal age being 18. Hawaii was the last state to change the law. From 14 to 16 in 2001.

These laws were strongly influenced by feminism. Feminists were against teenage pregnany and sought to more strongly enforce these laws to prevent teenage pregnany. After statistics showed that more than half of teenage pregancy was of men older than 20, they used the scapegoat that they were taking advantage of minors.

Now that you know the basic age of consent history you can clearly see that in the past century or so the age of consent has changed quite a bit. But why? Feminism played a huge part in it. They wanted do completely get rid of teenage pregnany. I am not for sure why. The only thing I can figure is this is not too long after the woman rights activists. So after they achieved voting rights and all that they were still looking for other ways woman could be oppresed. I guess they beleived that since these woman had children at a young age they were signing their life away or something. I am not an expert in this, this is just what I presume. I can completely understand their points though, but I think it should be up to the individual.

Another reason was religious influence. Christian and Chatholic religions (the two major religions in the nations I am talking about) did not beleive in sex before marriage. Since most of the teenagers were not married when they go pregnant, the religious followers hopped aboard as well.

Differences between pedophilia,hebephilia,nepiophilia

In this section I will descibe the differences between the three sexual preferences listed above.

First off lets discuss the elephant in the room. Nepiophilia. Nepiophilia is the sexual attraction to babies or infants. It is describred as a sub-catagory to pedophilia. I disagree with this. In pedophilia you can see the simularities in an 8 year old with 14 year old and understand why one might be attracted to them, but with nepiophilia I see no simularities, and I can't figure out why one would be attracted to a baby of all ages. So, naturally this is classified as a mental disorder. I want to point out the nepiophiles and pedophiles are different. Although many nepiophiles might be bridged with pedophilia through a kindof sub-catagory of pedophilia. I am not sure if there is a name for it, but being sexually attracted to toddlers seems to fall in both catagories, but more so into nepiophilia.

Next, pedophilia. Pedophilia as explaind in the definitions section of this page is sexual attraction to prepubescents. This is defiened as a mental disorder. I find trouble agreeing or disagreeing with this. I understand why it is classified as a mental disorder, because the fundamental point in sex is reproduction. But if you are attracted to someone that does not have the ability to reproduce, what's the point in sex. But I also undestand the other point of view. That most pedophiles fall into the older spectrum. Meaning they are attracted to older prepubescents, ages 8-10, and how they look similiar to pubescents. So I can understand why one might be attracted to that age. If we are being completely honest with ourselves anything that differs from being attractred to the opposite sex that is able to reproduce is technically a mental disorder. The most popular justification of why pedophilia is illegal is that it causes mental harm to the child. I semi agree with this. Rape, being forcefull, and threatening can all obviously lead to mental damage. But many people that are agaisnt pedophilia fail to realize that the traumatizing events that can unfold when one runs into the law could have just of an effect one the child. Seeing someone that you trusted being taken away and most likely to never be seen again, constant questioning from police and investigators, being sent to a phsycologist for even further questioning. All of these people constanly telling you that what you did was wrong. These things are most likely what traumatizes the child, not the sexual act alone. Unless of course the child was raped, but doing what I previously mentioned in no way helps. Pedophilia in my eyes can be either illegal or legal. I can understand both arguments, but if we are going to enforce it, we need a much better way of handling it.

Lastly for this section, we have hebophilia. Currently hebophilia is not listed as a mental disorder, although there have been many pushes to add it to the list. Hebopilia is not listed as a mental disorder becuase it has been scientifically proven to be natural. Hebophiles are attracted to girls roughly around the age of 13. This makes complete sense for a male to be a attracted to a 13 year old female. They are biologically the most fetile they will ever be. They are younger and fitter, meaning her and the child are more likely to survive birth. As to why it is illegal, or still illegal after we have proven that it is completely normal is a mystery. The best answer I can come up with is many people look at the fact that their brains still aren't fully developed. Which for some reason people assaciate brain development to the ability to understand something. If you can understand geometry then you can understand what happens during sex, and what it means to have a child. So I beleive that justification is just that, justification.

So to conclude this section; nepiophilia I believe not to be a sub-catagory to pedophilia, pedophilia is technically a mental disorder, but both sides of enforcement have the ability to do significant mental damage, and hebephilia is completely natural, but hasn't been regonized as such because of old justifications.

Further Look Into Controversial Sexualities

This topic will be divided into sub-catagories and will further explain these controversial sexualities


It always helps when trying to learn or understand something that you know the origins and history of the words used. In hebephilia 'hebe' refers to the Greek goddess of youth, Hebe. The suffix philia is from the greek word 'phil', meaning strong love or friendship. The word hebephilia was first used in 1955, and was used to seperate pedophiles, and 'sexual offenders' whose 'victims' were adolecants.

Hebephilia is argued to be completely natural. Honestly it makes perfect sense. Men are wired to want to reproduce with the most fit and fertile women. Women that would fall into the hebephiliac range (~13-~17) are the most healthy and fertile their bodies will ever be. Hebophilia is actually generally accepted, and many of you don't even realise that you do. There are thousands of videos that are ment to be viewed as hebophilia on PornHub, Xvideos, and RedTube. To name a few. If you have never visited any of these sites, go to one, look at the catagories, find 'teen' or something similiar and come back here. So now you have seen a prime example what I call 'fake hebophilia', on some of the most popular porn sites in the world! Now I know what some of you are thinking, "These girls are all over the age of 18, this is completely legal and normal." Yes! It is completely normal! The point I am trying to make is these girls are ment to be depicted as 15,16,17 year olds. So, for someone to say that these videos are completely normal, and then say that being attracted to say a 15 year old is wrong, is completely hypocritical.


The word 'pedophile' comes from the Greek words 'paidos' meaning child, and 'philia' meaning love or friendship. The word's first recorded use was in an article written by Richard von Kraft-Ebing in 1896.

In today's western society pedophilia is very much frowned upon, and is often confused with a lot with hebephilia, ephobophilia, and even just finding a 'young looking' woman attractive. Pedophilia is listed as a mental disorder for the obvious reason that children are not able to reproduce, but many beleive that is not why it is listed. Many beleive that pedophilia is a mental disorder because studies have shown that sexual actions towards children will mess up their undeveloped brains. This reasoning seems somewhat plausable, but I have not been able to find any studies actually proving this. I have seen studies that involved children that have already went through truly traumatic sexual abuse, or 'heavy' sexual interactions. These studies have shown that it is damaging to the childs brain, but there are some inconsistencies. Like mentioned ubove, the whole legal process can be extremely traumatic. They could be worse than the sexaul act alone, of course depending on the degree of the offense. Finding out such a study would prove difficult, because the second anyone knows about the crime, the authorities are involved and the legal process takes place. The studies do not differ children that have suffered rape from children that were simply involved in a sexual act. This could be a major factor, but it has not been recognzed, or no one has felt the need to pursue such a study. There are really all kinds of factors that could play a part in damaging a childs brain from sexaul acts. A lot of people that I have had a chance to have a proper debate with actually agree that we should not base are morality on these studies, as there is just so much more that we have yet to study. Although, many of the people that I have properly debated with still think it damages their brain, and they beleive that we have not conducted enough studies to fully prove it to be so.

Studies show that pedophilia is a disorder rather than something that is chosen because it emerges before or during puberty and is self discovered. However, many people beleive that this disorder can be prevented. Many say that the cause of pedophilia is from themsleves being molested as a child, but this doesn't explain how pedophilia was first started. I have a different theory and it will have its own section down there somewhere.


The word 'ephbophile' comes from the two Greek words 'ephbos' meaning 'arrived at puberty' or reffered to someone that had recieved citizenship when they were deemed old enough in Athens. And again 'phile' meaning love or friendship.

Ephbophilia is the sexual attraction to adolecents ages ~15-~19. Ephbopiia is not much different than hebephilia, the only difference between the two is ephbohiles are attracted to older adolecents and hebephiles are attracted to younger ones. Both are generally unknowingly accepted. Like the example I used above, porn is a prime example of its acceptance. Women that act in porn, or atleast the porn that I am reffering to, are made to look younger. Even celebrities are an example of this. Celebrities work so much to make themselves look younger. They shave themsleves, wear makeup, and some even get plastic surgery. They do this in hopes that it will make them look younger and more attractive. I'm not talking about 40-50 year old people, even 20 year olds do this. It honestly amazes me that people don't realize this.

Society Creates Pedophiles

This is my theory on how people become pedophiles.

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