Why we?

Cinque Terre

The Government failed its people. Turning Government offices into lucrative business and using Humanitarian Organization to achieve their goals. What will we do if the Government or the society we belong to is the one not performing its duties.


Cinque Terre

To defeat evil, then I will become a greater evil.

Why now?

Cinque Terre

The son of corrupt politicians will become politicians. The son of a business man who cares only about money will become a businessman in that case this world is hope less. If no body is willing to break the chain of bloodlines. No one will.

How To Make Money?

1. A crime manifesto will be sent to a target individual/institution/organization (TARGET). The TARGET will be ask to pay certain amount in the form of BTC (Bitcoin) in a given address until the DEADLINE. If the TARGET cannot pay on TIME. The manifesto will...

2. A conspirator need to share any amount of Bitcoin in order to Finance the operations of the Organization.

3. Once Conspirator owns a share. He/She is entitled to received a percentage once the TARGET pays up.

4. Only conspirator, who forwarded the message in the designated Bitmessage address will be considered.

5. All earnings are paid automatically.

3 in 1 SPOT

Target: Banco De Oro Unibank (BDO Unibank [10,000,000.00USD]), De La Salle University Manila (DLSU Manila [2,000,000.00USD]), Grab (GrabPH [100,000.00USD])

Conspirator Return: 800% guaranteed return

Success Rate: 95 percent success rate

Crime Plan:

1. 13 Arduino Operated Bomb will be used and a Mother Bomb[designated location]. The bomb will be place inside Grab Car.

2. The bomb will be moving from one location to the other.

3. The arduino bomb will be equipped with GPRS, GSM and GPS module to track its location and perform other operations. The GPS will get the current location of the device, the GSM module will send the current location and it can be used to disarm the bomb or detonate it remotely.

3. There are certain conditions before a bomb can be disarm: a). The bitcoin address for the companies got the required BTC. b.) Force defused by the police. (Too Bad)

4. There are certain conditions a bomb can be detonated: a.)The deadline is over; b). Majority of the conspirator wants to speed up the detonation time c.) The device should be 5 meters proximity within the target establishment.

5. The arduino bomb will detonate if no GPRS or does not send report every 5 minutes. All arduino bombs are linked together.

6. The arduino bomb are equipped with piezzo buzzers. To notify that a bomb is present inside the Grab Car and the bomb will detonate if an attemp defusal is made. The arduino bomb should be close to the target locations otherwise the Bomb Explode.

7. Crime is an art. If any of the bomb are defused by the police. Some arduino bomb in different locations will explode.

8. Its either they pay the money or lets kill every customers they have. Forcing them to stop doing business.

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