Street fight videos

version 0.1
This zite is a mirror for where every video links has been download and are shared on this ZeroNet website. This is the first fonctionel version of this site. A lot of work need and will be done in the future.

A server scan,download et share videos linked on every 8 hours.

This site is under construction, (this is why it is very ugly and unpratical right now) but you can already access the list of videos. To view the list of videos, go to


To watch a video, select the line of a video then go at the end of the page to see the link.

The source code of the script who download all the videos is availaible here:

source code

If you want to donate to thank me for the work, you can with bitcoin


If you want to help me with the site, wait a little bit: I will first make a lot of changes then I will accept suggestions and help ;)

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