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How To: custom ZeroNet addresses using Vanitygen

on Feb 27, 2016 · 1 min read

This Guide shows how to get custom ZeroNet addresses like this Site has ("3x71nc7" in the address).



First install git and all other dependencies:
sudo apt-get install git libssl-dev libpcre3-dev
Now clone the Sourcecode from Github and compile it:

git clone https://github.com/samr7/vanitygen.git
cd vanitygen


Download the Zip-file from here and extract it.
That's all


Open up a terminal/command-prompt and cd into the vanitygen directory.
Then run ./vanitygen 1YourAddress on Linux and vanitygen.exe 1YourAddress on Windows.
The program will then try to find a address containing your specified part.
Note that all addresses have to start with 1.

Once vanitygen is done it will output a Address and a Privatekey.
Make sure to save both.

Creating a ZeroNet site

Open up your file explorer and navigate to ZeroNet's data directory.
Once there create a new folder named after the address you got from vanitygen.
To keep it simple we are just gonna copy another site for now. So go into the folder of another site and copy everything.
Then go into the folder of your website and paste all the files in.
Open content.json with a text editor and check that no domain it set.
If it is, delete it.

Shut down ZeroNet if you have it running and run the following command in the main directory of ZeroNet:
python zeronet.py siteSign yourAddress

Inside the ZeroNet folder execute this command:
..\Python\python.exe zeronet.py siteSign yourAddress

On both Operating Systems you will be prompted to enter your Privatekey.
By entering the Privatekey you "prove" that you are the owner of the Site by signing it.
If somebody else gets your Privatekey they can then modify you page, so keep it secret.

Admiring what you did

Start ZeroNet back up, open your Webbrowser and go to

If you cloned the ZeroBlog site you can now simply modify your Site using the Webinterface after dragging the 0 in the Top right to the left, scrolling down and switching the "This is my Site" switch. After modifying your site you can publish it by pressing the "Sign & Publish" button in the lower right.
You will be asked for the Privatekey again.

If you didn't clone the ZeroBlog site you have to manually sign it as explained in Creating a ZeroNet site.

If you notice any mistakes or have any problems, feel free to comment.


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