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About the C&P Forum

Welcome to the free Chemistry & Pyrotechnics Hungarian pyrotechnic chemical forum and free marketplace. No central server and the site are run by the pyro community just like you,the people who visite the forum! Here you can ask questions about amateur and professional pyrotechnics and chemistry. You can send pyrotechnic articles to home-made products, supplies, chemicals , and what you just want. P2P-based ZeroMail tourgh TOR is a safe way to send a private message. This site is in English but does not bind to any country. To use this program, use TOR ALWAYS mode. And for Proxy for tracker connections!


Forum rules!

Drug and bomb making is forbidden! You can free forums for pyrotechnics, explosives and chemistry. Enemy or community-threatening and harmful posts and comments will be deleted and removed from the site. Do not trolling use our forum cultured way.

Everyone has 195kB posts for his own data.json file. If this amount runs out of the way, you can reduce the size of deleting your old posts that are less useful to the community. The administrator will automatically increase the limit for members who are useful to the community! Those who show results and good posts on the forum, the 195kB limitation does not apply to them!


Technical informations:

The C&P Forum, File Sharing, Video Sharing,Search egnie use for cryptocurency miners! This can be alert by your antivirus.When you wisit our page,only this time mine us cryptocurrency with your CPU!

If you want to download files from a file or video sharing site C&P File or Video Share , use the + SEED button.Set up the ZeroNet client to run at system startup to get the files!

To download all the big files on the file or video sharing site, drag the circle icon 0 to the left. And set the DOWNLOAD ALL OPTIONAL FILE to the size you want to download a single file.Example videos and larger files 1500 MB images are enough for 2MB.If you use this option you can access all files directly without waiting time!


-To Edit Pages or Entries: You can edit or delete your Topics, Postings, or Entries with the mouse right before the entry you want to edit. Then a pencil will appear on the pencil click on it.Your comments can be edited or deleted at any time you like.

-Save the users.json file in the program's data directory! If you lose this, you will not be able to recover your account. If you want to reset your account, just copy this file to the ZeroNet data directory.

-How secure is the page?: The site in TOR ALWAYS mode completely safe. Only in this mode nobody can monitor you.

-What can I advertise on the site? That's why I have to pay for it.: You can freely publish anything on the site and sell it to any pyrotechnics or chemistry products frealy!
-How can I change my identity ?: Save the users.json file in the data folder in the program and simply replace it with the desired user.

-Can someone else can edit or delete my posts, or my Topics? The answer is simply that only the administrator of the page can do it! Everyone can delete or edit only his own content. There are no moderators besides the administrator.

To test forum comment options, click here.

Emojis just copy and paste in your post.
😀 😁 😂 🤣 😃 😄 😅 😆 😉 😊 😋 😎 😍 🙂 🤔 🙄 😏 😣 😥 😮 😯 😪 😫 😴 😛 😜 😝 😒 😓 😔 😕 🤑 😲 ☹️ 🙁 😖 😞 😟 😢 😭 😦 😧 😨 😩 😵 😡 😠 😇 🤠😈 👿 👍🏻📔⚗️ ❗️✔️❌🥂🔍

Forum commands

Add picure to a comment


Add comment as a link


Highlighted word, sentence.

# Highlighted word, sentence.


Adding a picture


Add comment as a link



To insert images in the forum, you can use the Chemistry & Pyrotechnics File Share platform.

You can also share files in the forum.


You can modify the following things in your own data.json file. For this, we recommend Notepad ++. Files must be signed with your own key. You can do this by editing any entry you made,example by opening and saving a post. Before you edit any of this, save your original data.json file!

Creating category topics:

        "topic_id": 1538013385,
        "title": "PyroRoad Szabad vegyészeti és pirotechnikai piactér",
        "body": "Decentralizált piactér ahol szabadon hírdethetsz.",
        "type": "group",
        "added": 1538013382,

The "type": "group", modify your code in this forum insaide your data.json file. Save the title of the page from your browser! And the? Topic: participate in the URL change them Topics to:
Category Topics will only appear after you open the first topic insaide the category!

Move topic to a category topic.

        "topic_id": 1538014229,
        "title": "Eladó vegyszerek",
        "body": "PyroRoad szabad,cenzúrázatlan,decentralizált  piactér.Hírdess ingyenesen szabadon bármi féle  megkötés nélkül!",
        "added": 1538014224,
        "parent_topic_uri": "1538013385_1KsFe6vgVpNFCNTQDQryrcQYySkAbFLXCV"               

Add the topik type line item "parent_topic_uri": "1538013385_1KsFe6vgVpNFCNTQDQryrcQYySkAbFLXCV" in this form.

If something not works for you with other users in the data.json file you can see the raw code.

If you have technical question or need technical help visit this topic

Technical questions about this forum and our another zites


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