How to make a site on Zeronet:

  1. Stop Zeronet

  2. Open the Zeronet folder. It's the one with the data, log, plugins folders in it

  3. Open a command window here. In Windows, hold CTRL and right click for the option

  4. Run the following command to create a new site structure:
    python siteCreate

  5. Copy and Save the "address" and "private key" or you won't be able to edit the site. Type "yes" and press enter to continue.

  6. Now edit the site under your zeronet/data/your_address_folder

  7. To sign the site ready to publish, simply run:
    python siteSign your_address
    You will have to paste your private key for authentication

  8. If anyone else is seeding your site, you can run this to force a publish:
    python sitePublish your_address

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