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Could someone give me 0.02 namecoin? I plan to use it to register a bit domain. Thank you very much.

In return for your help of the 0.02 namecoin that you give me solely for registering the bit domain name, I propose do the following in return -

I could write one research review article on a product, service, place, food, or one potential business idea that you are interested in knowing and publish on a zero blog.

My bitcoin wallet is -


Thank you very much for your attention.

Sincerely yours,

^2 ^3 yk posted on May 27, 2016
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user_nameadded ^1 ^2
ssdifnskdjfnsdjkon Jan 21, 2018 ^1 ^2

What is Your zite address?

kpon May 30, 2016 ^1 ^2

Hi domains4free, I asked and you answered and gave. I have indeed received the namecoins you send to my bitcoin wallet, actually that is the first coins I have ever received and the first time I ever use bitcoin wallet. Everything apparently works well - the bit and namecoin, the zeronet, and human goodwill. Now I can use the coins you gave me to register quite a few .bit. Thank you very much again and have a wonderful zeroday.

domains4freeon May 29, 2016 ^1 ^2

Hi. I have just sent you some nmc's. If you need help registering a domain, my contact details are here:

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