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This used to be a niche fansite for the famous British teen amateur, Hannah. You probably know her best for the popular pink belt, or hotel threesome videos. It is now the proud home of [Weapons-Grade Autism]. I had completely closed the site in early 2016, after having run it for nearly a decade. I also closed my Natasha [Fansite] too. I had closed everything for two reasons. One, Hannah wants the site closed and she will not be coming back. Two, after the things she said to me, I wanted nothing to do with any of this anymore. However, things changed a bit around the 2017 New Year, when someone showed up in chat and dropped these new nudes on us! In short, the site is in an IDGAF state now. Read the About page for the full story. Now the [Fans] have been kind, generous and all around great, but her...I have never been so insulted. Nothing quite like being trashed by the person you had come to admire and respect. Between her and some other fun personal crap, I had [This Song] on constant repeat for a while and lost my voice for a bit the one day! What kills me is, after everything she and I have talked about, she should know me by now, but nope, not a clue. Apparently, saying this to explain why the site was closed is "insulting", but comparing me to Karl, a type of person that I would gladly knock their teeth out, that is perfectly fine. Karl was the guy who feverishly laid it into Hannah in the threesome video and later ran the scam site. In short, he pretended that she ran the site, made a large sum of money off of doing so, allegedly evaded Hannah's attempts to sick the law on him and even got an unknown chick to make some fake "new" Hannah videos to keep the scam going. No, not even in my youth was I ever that shitty of an individual.

Visit the About page to read a lot more of the history, with proof to back it up!

Here is my stance on sharing content. Most people understand that when you post something publicly, at that point it has become a part of the public domain and people are going to share it. Hence, Fansites and Share buttons. In the past, I respected Hannah's wish to not share the new public content that I had of her. However, since she completely disrespected me, and the fans, that respect evaporated. Before she did that, I obviously would not have publicly posted the new content. True, the new content had been private, but it crossed into public as soon as the leaker posted it. That was their decision, apparently based on more of her disrespect. I also follow the wishes of the people giving me content, since otherwise you are just burning yourself, destroying any hope of those people sharing more with you. I also understand Hannah's opinion that if she commands you not to share something, then you do not, or else! The problem is, bossing people around like you own them is Queen level arrogance, to put it nicely. It massively puts people off and gets them to do exactly what you do not want them to do. It is obviously far better to make it a matter of mutual agreement and not a threatening demand. Simply put, respect is earned. Earn respect, get respect, but disrespect and no one will care what you want. That said, any new leaks that are sent to me, will only be shared privately. I think it is a bit much to hit her again with another public leak. The point has already been made with the first and with everything on this site.

You are complicit, if you choose to ignore all of the evil in the world for the sake of your own happiness. Rise up, armor up and join the battle!

What are you? [Take the Survey]

White House Doctor: Trump Gets Perfect Score On Phycological Test
Former Obama Officials Defend White House Doctor
CNN Interviews Ohio DEMOCRAT Trump Voters One Year Later

I am not a Mens Rights Activist, since it is just as inherently divisive as Feminism, but they do have many valid points.
CDC Study: More Men than Women Victims of Partner Abuse
Reaction To Women Abusing Men In Public
Barbara Kay: No consequences for women who “stealth” men
I am for human rights, not the UN version, because an "Us vs Them" mentality will only cause more and more division.

Do not be fooled by the alleged "Net Neutrality"! - Update: Yea! Logic won again!

Hey Anti-Gun people, please explain to [This Woman] how she deserved to die, instead of exercising the Freedom of self-defense. When you disarm the law abiding, only the criminals will be armed. You cannot un-invent something! Sure, maybe you get lucky in life and never need a gun, but the same can be said for a fire extinguisher, emergency first-aid kit, the tool to break a car window and cut the seat belt, etc. It is prudent and smart to be prepared.

To pro-EU and UN, Globalist, Socialist Healthcare-loving people: Congrats On Stealing Parental Rights And Murdering A Baby! Maybe they will murder yours next! I am so glad [Not To Be Under] that authoritarian UN garbage, or to be under Socialist Healthcare! Is the US system perfect? Heck no! It has gotten pretty bad, thanks to insurance companies, which Obama just pumped up on steroids! But at least we still have our individual rights! Not only do they steal their parental rights, but they also gave the kid a lawyer who would [Tow Their Line]! Now I have no issue with the compassionate idea behind Euthanasia, after all, we do it for animals, but somehow people should be allowed to suffer horribly? Makes no sense. However, those Euthanasia advocates almost always go too far, which they clearly did by taking this case! Let me see if I can express just how much that pisses me off. If you told me what I can, or cannot do with my own child, like [This Bitch] tried to do, then I would give you one minute to leave, or have a free lead implant pumped into your brainpan. [In Other Words]

Immunologist: Unvaccinated Children Pose "No Extra Danger to the Public"

6/23/16 Freedom wins! Happy UK Independence Day! Former colonies, 80% of Americans, supported leaving!

Funny, the youth are supposedly against the fat cat Elites, yet the youth (who bothered to vote) support Remain?
Wake up, brainwashed children of the New World Order.

Elitist mindset:
"Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed." -Stalin
"First you get the Women, then you've got the Children, so follow the Men." -Hitler

Liberators mindset:
"Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem." (I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.) -Count Palatine of Posen
"No man survives when freedom fails. The best men rot in filthy jails. And those who cry 'appease, appease' are hanged by those they tried to please." -Hiram Mann
"The history of liberty is a history of the limitations of governmental power, not the increase of it." -Woodrow Wilson
"It does not take a majority to prevail...but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." -Samuel Adams

"Hah! Liberal Media Gets Punked by 4Chan - Petition for Second Brexit Vote was Spammed"

Globalism is the dream of the naive and the tyrant. Humans will never stop being tribal. We require sovereign nations to maintain civility. As an American, I have enjoyed [Many] [Freedoms] that do not exist in many other parts of the world. Globalism would like to take those freedoms from me and my fellow Americans. Since freedom is worth fighting for, the naive proponents of Globalism must want war. No? You want peace, right? Then nations and borders must exist. To make a borderless world is to put the wolves in with the sheep. There are not enough sheepdogs in the world to stop that lunacy from turning into a bloodbath. People like me want no part of your laws, we consider them oppressive. Please keep it over there in your sandbox. We call that Nationalism, the [American Definition], not the European definition which invokes thoughts of superiority. Which is funny, since anti-nationalists think that their ways are best and must be followed by all.

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