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Spotlight: the fish shell

on Jan 25, 2018

fish-mac-os-x-autosuggestion.jpg (620x417)

Most Linux distributions are shipped with the GNU bash shell as default, a robust, scripting-friendly and POSIX-ish compatible shell also available on a wide range of others platforms (macOS, BSD, ...) giving you a solid script portability should you need it.

But bash doesn't really shine as a user shell, its history features are pretty limited (CTRL-R, history and !N (where N is the command number in your history)) to name a few are archaic for nowadays standards

fish is an alternative shell with a focus on interactivity and user-friendliness where the most relevant auto-completion is always shown dynamically as you type in dimmed colors thus making your command history discoverable and easier to access (through the left & rights arrow keys, see this GIF on IFS for a graphical example :

You can also progess by word with alt-{left,right} arrows.

fish also support a CTRL-R like search by typing the pattern you're looking for then hitting the up/down arrows.

It comes by default with a web-based configuration interface to tweak you theme, prompts and so on very easily.

web_config.png (1447x871)

I cannot emphasize how much nicer it feels to use fish if you use a shell daily at home or work daily rather than good old bash, fish really is a different take on what a unix shell could behave and is truly a success.

This spotlight is only scratching the surface of it, why not give it a spin ! It's open source and available on most unix-like systems package managers nowadays.

More info on clearnet at https://fishshell.com/

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