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What is KxoId?

KxoId is a semi-decentralized (federated) Id Provider for ZeroNet that offers unique usernames. It uses the PeerMessage plugin created by @Git Center to broadcast user information over the ZeroNet network, where a set of "trusted clients" receive the messages, verify the usernames are unique, add the id information to the public database, and broadcast back the signatures created by the private key (which is only available to these trusted clients).

Supporting KxoId on Your Zite

For developers, you can support KxoId by adding this to the "cert_signers" of your users content.json file:

"kxoid.bit": ["12F5SvxoPR128aiudte78h8pY7mobroG6V", "18Mt3CWBpiqJBLsPSu5JxB4B9MeaSwhyJ"]
Register Bot Ids

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