Nano Ethereum Multiplier

Status Currency

This is a simple pyramid scheme, running on the Ethereum world computer.

When you send Ether to 0xe19e5f100d6a31169b5dca265c9285059c41d4f6, it will multiply the amount and send it back to your address when the pyramid balance is sufficient.

People are not allowed to send more than 1 ETH. (if they do so, the excess will be sent back to the sender)

Ethereum offers a trustless and decentralized world computer, on which this contract runs. Therefore, the only trust needed by the creator, is that the contract does what is stated. You may see this yourself, by checking the verified contract link, as the contract is open-source and may be inspected and tested by anyone else. Also, the contract has a consistent history of payouts now, which may be viewed on the ethereum blockchain explorers.

Ether Wheel

Status Currency

Each time an Ether Wheel is filled, all of the Ether in the wheel will be awarded to a randomly-selected participant. The more ether you contribute, the higher your odds of being the winner.

For example, contributing 0.2 Ether to the 1-Ether wheel would give you a 20% chance of winning it all.


Status Currency

A satirical ponzi game w/ Ranking, designed to minimize risk

ESports Bets

Status Currency

Decentralized ESports betting platform

Ethereum Jackpot

Status Currency

If 1m people play with just $1 we can make one a millionaire

SatoshiDice - The Original Blockchain-based Bitcoin Dice Game

Status Currency

Satoshi Dice is a subroutine of an advanced artificial intelligence, which arose spontaneously as one of the less-harmful consequences of the United States' quantitative easing monetary program. The system exists solely within the RAM of an abandoned Nokia 3310 mobile phone which was left in a subway station in Tokyo, and powers itself by feeding off the ghost of the late Satoshi Nakamoto (who was in fact a super hot 20 yr old female Japanese programmer and exotic animal collector). While the Intelligence decides on its next course of action, it runs this Satoshi Dice subroutine. Some people ask why Bitcoin was really created... it was created by the Intelligence as an internet currency which enables free individuals around the world to play the Satoshi Dice game. By playing, you are fulfilling the Intelligence's Grand Vision. Satoshi Dice is the best Bitcoin game in existence. The Intelligence is sure you will agree.

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